Techno Mirrors is a Jordanian engineering and technology company based in Amman. Equipped with specialized professionals and engineers, our team is ready to satisfy local, regional, and international requirements across a wide spectrum of technological and engineering projects and applications.

Having established solid partnerships with a network of local and international engineering and research companies, Techno Mirrors is able to provide comprehensive solutions and services to serve a variety of industries in a multitude of geographical locations.

We provide consultancy services throughout all project phases. We also manage the procurement and supply of necessary materials and equipment and supervise the installation of equipment according to the requested standards and regulations. In addition, we provide support and technical training services to our clients when needed based on the nature and requirements of the project.

Our aim is to provide our clients with a seamless transition starting from the planning phase and progressing through the development and start-up phases until commercial production is achieved.

We help our clients achieve a high predictable return on investment by supplying the know-how to their teams and allowing them to focus on their core business while we take care of the technicalities. Our detailed operational and maintenance plans enable our clients to achieve sustainable financial performance and meet their profit objectives.

Our clients principally include public institutions such as ministries, local government agencies, and research institutes. Another major circle of our clients is composed of public and private sector infrastructure service providers such as power companies, municipal utilities, water and sanitation companies, waste disposal enterprises, and transport companies. We also provide high quality and robust solutions to military and security agencies.


Our mission is to empower our clients with high quality products and services and to establish consolidated cooperation between our clients, teams, and partners via well-organized and transparent processes.


Our vision is to accomplish excellence and to be a major contributor to technology and engineering in Jordan and across the region.